Elizabeth Emberson

As a born and raised Austinite I have seen, first hand, all of the weirdly wonderful people and places this city has to offer. There really is no place like home. I enjoy sharing all of what I love about this city with everyone I meet. Through real estate I am fortunate enough to have a hands-on role in spreading the joy and uniqueness that is Austin with both experienced residents and new comers alike. If I can find you an abode that speaks to your soul, allows you to flourish and maybe contribute a little piece of yourself to keeping Austin weird, I have done my job.

I was born in Breckenridge Hospital and spent my first few years in north east side of town. We moved to Northwest Hills where I spent the majority of my childhood and teenage years in a beautiful home next to a greenbelt. It is a magical little nook tucked into a great neighborhood. Such special gems seem common place in this town. 

I soon found myself itching to purchase my own little piece of Austin. The perfect place found me, in the form of a little house on the south side of town. The past few years have been filled with invigorating projects, filling my head with all sorts of knowledge and chiefly, figuring out the best ways in which to give back to this ever expanding city that has given me so much!